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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our 2D Time Capsule

While blog hopping for holiday ideas I came across a New Year's Time Capsule I thought was great. Kelli and her family fill a jar with small momentos of their year to celebrate their memories.  I really like the option for including 3D items, but because of our lack of storage space I think we'll stick with the 2D version we have been creating together for the past 6 years on New Year's Eve.

We sit together, with a stack of old magazines from the year, and cut out any words or pictures that remind us of things that happened in the previous year for our family, in entertainment news, or in world news. I love the conversations that come out as we reminisce about our favorite - and not so favorite - moments from the year.
However, there are times that we have trouble finding just the right picture for some of our events.  So, on the suggestion from Kelli Crowe's time capsule I think I will leave out an empty jar this year to collect cut outs, pictures, and ticket stubs as they come in to the house so they can easily be added to our collage at the end of the year.

2011 Collage

On the back of each year we each write a Wish, a Hope, and a Dream for the new year.  This is one of my favorite traditions for sure.
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