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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mission Tuition: an online resource

With four young children saving for college is no small feat.  Since Kevin works for a private college we are fortunate to have an amazing tuition reimbursement program to help with the cost.  Yet, it is always great to find other options for setting aside funds for higher education expenses.

I was interested in learning more about Mission Tuition when it was brought to my attention.  It appears to be an online service that allows families to earn college savings by shopping at participating online stores.
Restaurant.com, 1.800 Contacts, Groupon, Gap, and Overstock.com are just a few of the participating merchants that our family already shops with. It is free to participate and there is no limit to the amount of savings each family may earn.

It seems like a effective way to make the most of our online shopping money, so I was anxious to give it a try and pass the information on as well. To read more about the specific details of the program you will want to check out Mission Tuition's Frequently Asked Questions page.

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