A List Maker's Life: Kairos

Friday, January 13, 2012


This week I've flown between appointments, classes, and meetings with a car full of supplies for changing clothes and diapers, entertaining babies in car seats, and feeding four on the go.  Occasionally throwing someone in or out of the car with a back pack, a piano bag, an afo, or a monster truck. {You get the picture, I'm certain you live it too.}

I can't help but think this isn't what I intended when assigning our life the tagline Make the Most of Every Moment.  Yes, every moment from 7AM-9PM was booked with commitments outside of our home.  Even a minute delay during transitions or traffic jams was reason to throw off the arrival times for the rest of the day. Surely, filling every moment with events - even good events that are intended to stretch, teach, and refresh - is not the same as making the most of every moment.

All the while I wished to drop it all and really make use of my moments by doing the things on my heart: saying yes to a simple request to play their new game, dropping everything to drive across the state to share a hug with someone whose pain is always on my mind, sending a card to a little sweetie {and his momma} who survived his first surgery, visiting Gram just to visit and talk about the good books I wish I had time to read right now, standing in support at the back of the memorial service for a brother who was loved and his sister who grieves, sitting in a coffee shop with friends encouraging one another in whatever stage of the journey we find ourselves on.  The intentions themselves just are not enough.

This morning, along with the snow delivered to slow us down, a friend delivered the perfect message to my facebook inbox.  In Kairos time. She shared a post titled Don't Carpe Diem. There were so many lines to love in the post, but the real lesson for me was in the difference between Chronos time and Kairos time.   I could never write it as eloquently as Glennon has, but basically are we living according to the time on the clock or according to the divinely appointed time we've been given? She explains Kairos time as the moments when time stands still.

The moments when you know you are doing just what you know to be right. Those are the "most moments" I want to make.

The true most moments of my week were those where I looked right into my childrens eyes as they told me about their newest lego creations. When I filled the spray bottles with food coloring for them to paint in the snow even though I knew it would require extra clean up, because as they squirted and giggled and built pink snowmen I couldn't help but hope those will be the moments they remember.  Like magic.

Not the magic that changes every light green to get us to one last appointment on time, but the magic that erases those hectic moments in our mind and makes room for remembering the moments where we really lived most.
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  1. thanks for posting Katie... I am living in the "hurry up and wait" being sick is slowing me down enough to enjoy the books, the sound of rain turning to snow, and warm blankets... Hugs to you and your littles!

  2. I hate being busy, but sometimes it is just what has to come...you always no how to make the most of it!

  3. Great reflection on this stage in motherhood where it seems we are always going. I know I will have much more of it my future.

    And you are so sweet - your good intentions ARE something. You remembered. And that is definitely something :)


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