A List Maker's Life: Bringing Back the Date Night

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bringing Back the Date Night

2012 promises to be the year where we put the date night back into our agenda.

In the last two weeks Kevin was off work and we were able to enjoy some laid back time together at home.  We also had the chance to spend time with other couples, brushing up on our card playing {and holiday munching} skills. We discovered the game Wizard, kicked some Nick&Lisabooty in hands and feet, and learned how to golf thanks to a great visit with Scott and Rach.

We even kicked off our New Year on a double date, our first NYE without kids since January '05 {even then we didn't leave the house}.  This year we went to a Griffin's hockey game followed by the greatest indoor firework show in West Michigan. Since it was New Year's and all I figured the event could stand a bit of glitter.  Anne Hope helped me sparkle up a pair of shoes, following a tutorial found on Pinterest, for the occasion.

Today we are back into our routines, but the date nights don't end with this vacation.  As part of Kevin's Christmas gift I put together The 12 Dates of Christmas.  More appropriately named The 12 For Sure Dates of 2012.

There is one envelope for each month.  Each stuffed with all the goodies for a theme date as well as the gift cards to pay for whatever activities are suggested.  Many of the certificates are restaurants or entertainment venues I found on Groupon, Try It Local, and Daily Deals.  I also lined up the sitters ahead of time for some of the dates.  No excuses, right?
January's date is a bit of a remake of the night that Kevin proposed.
February we will enjoy an afternoon as tourists in our own town with a browse through the downtown bookstore, a treat from the candy store, and a college basketball game.
April's date, in honor of the Grand Rapid's LaughFest is our own 3 Act Laugh In.  This date is a spin off of the one on Love Actually.
In August, in celebration of our 12 anniversary, we will visit some of our favorite stops from our South Haven honeymoon.
This date is for November - a wacky bowling game where each throw will be determined by the color of the Skittle drawn from the bag.

We are both looking forward to more time together, more laughs, and more new memories!

Happy 2012!

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  1. That is so cool! What a great idea!

  2. what a neat idea... going to file this for the future!

  3. AWESOME!! What a special and thoughtful gift! I LOVE this idea!

  4. Oh my goodness, Katie - I wish I had come up with this idea for Christmas. I will definitely be keeping this in mind for next Christmas...or better yet - maybe I'll try to come up with some by his birthday in February. This is SO neat! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Love this Katie! I did the same thing for Troy for Christmas. I was so excited for him to open it and see what was planned! I pray you have 12 great dates in 2012!

  6. Gonna have to steal this idea too, thanks for sharing!

  7. How fun! What a wonderful gift for your hubby (and you)!

    We are lucky to have many family members available to watch the kiddos for us. But without planning, too much time can go by without a date night. Your envelopes are cute! :)

  8. How creative and fun. Having it to
    look forward to makes each days challenges easier to handle.

  9. Such a thoughtful, fun gift from the heart.

  10. P.S. Loved this idea so much I added it to Pinterest :)

  11. So cute, Katie. What a lucky man you have!


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