A List Maker's Life: March 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Project?

Gavin has shown quite an interest in maps lately. Inspired by his current IB unit at school, he wants to decorate his bedroom with a huge world map. We have been checking in at our favorite local second hand shops in hopes of finding a BIG map. So far we haven't found what we are looking for, but I promised him the search would continue next week when he is available to shop with me. Today though I did a quick Google search to see what I could find and up popped this amazing map inspired wall art tutorial. He will be pretty excited when he sees this idea and I think it looks a bit more finished than just hanging what I consider to be a classroom poster on his wall.

{source: remodelaholic}                             

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waiting for the Repair Man

Our washing machine is always running.  Lately, I'm hesitant to admit, it is winding down.  Daily it works through the crazy spin cycle - quick and noisy as it goes. Yet, just about every load still ends in a soggy sort of mess.  Leaving us with a sloppy pile of clothes that we attempt to spin again.  Each extra load seems more inefficient.  A big waste of time. I know my expectations are pretty demanding for one lone machine. Maybe I need to quit trying to cram so much into it in one day.  Maybe a load of brights would cheer its' tired motor. Or maybe it's just broke.

Whatever it is, I'm tired of spinning.
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Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paper Doll

The weather isn’t traveling anywhere near where my mind is this week, regardless we are washing snow clothes, packing them away, and working on a summer wardrobe.

I’m sure that if I did a little searching I would find a fancy, real pattern for this dress I will show you, but Anne Hope and I created our own with inspiration from a fun piece of fabric and a hand-me-down dress from a friend.


{fabric: Paper Doll}

Since I know my limitations with my sewing machine I used a store made tank shirt for the top.  I measured from where I wanted the baby doll type skirt to fall on my model and chopped off the bottom of the tank appropriately.  Toss.


Next, we loosey goosey wrapped the fabric around Anne’s waist to figure out how much gather we wanted and approximately how long we wanted the dress to be.  Made a few notes with our straight pins and cut off the extras. 

I hemmed the bottom seam first so the edge would look neat, even though I am certain that a professional seamstress always does that last.  Anyway, time for my first gathering stitches ever.  I think I figured it out… If you, like me, have no idea what a gathering stitch is there are a few different tutorials on YouTube that I found to be helpful.

Once gathered, I pinned the inside of the skirt to the inside of the tank top before sewing them together. Being totally transparent, I need to tell you I took the entire thing apart after this step because I didn’t love how the gathers were laying once they were sewed together.  After the re-do I was much happier with how it all looked. 


Originally I intended to put sweet bitty knot flowers all along the collar of the tank top.  However, we bought and cut that piece on St. Patrick’s Day and somehow in the excitement of our leprechaun lunch the all white tank top found it’s way into the green food coloring along with everything else that afternoon. 


So…our sweet little flowers needed to find their way into an interesting arrangement that covered the mess.  When the dress was finished I hand stitched the flowers on.


And, that’s that! 


We made it a complete outfit by creating a matching headband: one much larger fabric flower, hot glued to felt and attached to an elastic band.  Sweet!


Welcome Spring! Her wardrobe is on the way even if the sunshine isn’t.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Dreaming

Some days you “gotta” dream, and today was one of those days in our cold and dreary city, so I took the lead of a friend and decided to join the Top 2 Tuesday link party.


In my online favorites file I keep a folder labeled Dream House.  It is full of links to home decorating projects, tips, and amazing model rooms.  These two rooms have had a special place in that folder for quite a while.


{photo credit}

In this room I love the windows, the storage, the flowers, the newer machines, and the color of the walls.  Most of all, I love the idea of having a mud room/entry way/laundry room where everyone’s mess can land before making it to the carpet or the kitchen!


{photo credit}

My dream home would feature a cottage, shabby chic, countryside mix.  I dream of this kitchen because it has amazing light, new appliances, dark wood flooring, a great big sink, open looking cabinets for displaying favorite dishes, and a touch of girly girl with the lace table cloth. The perfect mix of something old, something new for my taste.

Someday maybe.  For today the dream itself was just enough to give me a springier perspective. How about you? What rooms and styles pop up in your day dreams?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Digi Scrap Resources

I am currently working on a couple different digital book projects.  This coming weekend I am looking forward to a day out to work on my own pages and give a little digital tutoring (smiles!).  

In response to a recent question from a friend, here are 3 of my favorite sources for digital papers, embellishments, and tips:

Kevin and Amanda are quick the creative pair.  Last fall I won one of their complete digital kits and I am using it to make a book for Gabe.   They have also put together many handwriting fonts which I enjoy collecting in my Storybook Creator software.  Occassionally they offer digital freebies.

A little known secret (although it shouldn't be a secret) is that Creative Memories has a project center.  Each day they share a unique digital freebie in a blog-type formatted site.  The project center also has many ideas for layouts, but the freebie site is my favorite.  Many times the embellisments created by the design team are fun accents to kits I already have in my program. My only complaint with this site is that it isn't very easy to serach when you are looking for a specific theme or holiday png. 

Erica, who is one of the talented feature writers on ABC, is a digital designer.  She has made many fun papers and embellishments, which she offers as downloads for VERY reasonable prices.

Whether you are a seasoned digi-scrapper, or just getting started, I hope one of these links will be a useful resource for your creative projects!
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