A List Maker's Life: Wishing, Imagining, Creating { with a Rapunzel Hair How To}

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wishing, Imagining, Creating { with a Rapunzel Hair How To}

While I have nothing against the kids writing wish letters to Santa, it is not something I encourage or set aside special time for.  {We do set aside time after Christmas to write a Santa thank you note and tuck it in our Letters to Santa pillow} In the past, Gavin has written a list that he hangs on the fridge, but an actual letter to Santa with an envelope and a strong desire to get it in the mail as soon as possible...not until Anne Hope.  She is just learning to write and feeling empowered by it for sure.  She wrote a special letter I wish I would have made a copy of before she rushed it out to the mailbox with a self drawn stamp and a large print To Santa: North Pole on the front.  I did sneak a peek at her letter though and after reading it I couldn't help but want to rush out and buy all three simple pleasures that she listed!

Dear Santu,
I hav bin very good this yer
For Crismis I wood like princs colring pagus. a Santu hat. Rapunzl har.
Love, Anne Hope

I was especially excited to put together the Rapunzel hair.  I have seen a few tutorials around the web for making these golden locks.  My goal was to find instructions that would cover her hair {not just a clip on braid} and not require any sewing.  In the end I created my own version of Rapunzel hair attached to a chunky head band.

Head band
2 skeins of soft, fuzzy yellow yarn
pink ribbon
pink silk flowers

To begin, I set two heavy objects on each end of our 8 foot rug.  I walked back and forth between the two posts looping the yarn around the ends.  After stretching out all of the yarn, I used a small piece of left over yarn to tie it all together in the middle.  Once tied I began to cut off the looped pieces at each end.  When all of the yarn was cut into individual strands I picked up the whole deal by the middle.

The spot in the middle where I tied it served as the part, which I arranged on the headband and glued down.

I put the head band on my own head and tied the yarn into a loose, long ponytail.  Next it was time to braid.  Separating the yarn into three large, untangled {easier said than done} bundles I braided them and tied it off with one last piece of yarn at the bottom.

The ribbon and flowers are an optional add on, but I enjoyed decorating the braid by gluing in some pink and purple flowers.

I am pretty excited with the way it turned out and can't wait for Anne Hope to open this special surprise.

Do you have any special gifts you are looking forward to giving this Christmas?
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  1. Seriously love Katie. Guess I know what's on my to do list. :)

  2. LOVE THIS! I have all the stuff to make Rapunzel hair too - and I couldn't figure out how to do it without having a gaping hole in the head (almost like a crown) but the headband is genius! So adorable!! I can't wait to hear how she likes it.

  3. Seriously CUTE!!!! The braid looks just like the one in Tangled (a favorite around here as well) great job :D

  4. Passing you your "Mother of the Year" trophy because you are awesome!!!! She is going to LOVE it!

  5. What a precious letter to Santa! And that hair is AWESOME! My girls would go crazy for something like that!


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