A List Maker's Life: So Long 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Long 2011

As the year ends, we like to take a look back at the predictions we made on New Year's Day as part of our annual tradition.  We played it pretty safe with many of our predictions as we welcomed 2011, so for the most part we were correct!

However, we did not predict that we would welcome 9 new members into our extended family in 2011.  Nor did we expect to say a difficult "goodbye for now."

Although we are more than happy to say so long to this year, we are also thankful for every day we woke up together, every giggle, every lesson, every milestone, and every unexpected blessing.

Katie's Predictions
~Anne Hope will conquer two-wheel bicycling
And she did on the first day of Kindergarten!

~She will also be talked into trying soccer and will love it
She played Smart Start soccer and is looking forward to giving the team a try in the spring.

~Two of our boys will kick their bad habits
So, we kicked the paci, but found a thumb.  Seriously!

~No shunt for Gabe in 2011 - we are hopeful!
So thankful to say NO SHUNT in ’11!

~Gabe will stand unassisted by next Christmas
He is so close.  Holds on to something one handed and cruises his way around our living room.

~Sarah Palin: All hype with no follow through on a bid for the White House

~Cars Movie 2 will be the talk of the summer for Mr. Gavin
It was a bigger deal for Gibson, but we all enjoyed it.

~Our front yard will eventually see a For Sale sign of it's own
Eventually….although our kids may be teens before then.

~Patience will be tested.
Like with a broken washer, dryer, dishwasher, tub, kitchen sink, truck, and more.

~Insanity will be too insane and will collect dust on the shelf
After 9 months of dust collecting we were just searching for it…so a friend could borrow it;)

~Hours will be wasted on You Tube and Facebook that would better be spent on Twitter...just sayin'

Kevin's Predictions
~Under the direction of a new coach, Hope's basketball team will finish barely above 500.
Hope’s basketball team actually did fantastic under their new leadership

~Gas prices will hit 4.50
Pretty close during the summer, but thankfully prices are in the $3 range now.

~Republicans will put forth an African American candidate for president
Yeah, and now we all know how that worked out – yikes!

~Lions make the playoffs
Wow, a Christmas Eve miracle!

~Tigers make the playoffs
So fun to watch!!
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  1. That's fun to look back and see how things happened. I can't wait to see your predictions for 2012!

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see the new predictions!

  3. I remember Kevin's prediction for the Lions when you first made it last year. Cannot believe THAT one actually came true!


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