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Friday, December 23, 2011

Setting the Christmas Table

My mom taught me to appreciate a special table for a special occasion.  Seeing the way she has creatively decorated her dining area on our birthdays and holidays is a highlight of the meal.  She pays attention to place cards and distractions for the little ones at the table, and table favors are almost always a part of the ambience.  It is lovely.

In the past we have had a party with extended family on Christmas Eve.  This year we celebrated with them {and another beautiful table} earlier in December, so we are excited to plan a special Christmas Eve in our own home with our immediate family.

I would like to see the Christmas Eve meal be colorful, playful, and kid friendly - you know Birthday Party, Night Before Christmas, Visions of Sugar Plums-ish. I am thinking of filling various sized tall vases with red and green M&Ms, candy canes, and lollipops for our centerpiece.  My inspiration for this dinner party came from a video tutorial Kris put together a couple years ago.

Here are the paper products we have to work with for Christmas Eve...

On the contrast I would like to set a fancier, holly and ivy type, table for our Christmas morning brunch.
Here are some of the pieces I have to work with, but I am still on the hunt for a focal point in the center of the table.

The simplicity of the holly leaf place cards from Martha Stewart would work well with the paper products I have chosen.

Flowers always make a beautiful table, right? Although, my first instinct with flowers for Christmas would be the traditional Poinsettia,

I really prefer the look of this bouquet featuring redberries, crysanthumums, and roses.

I don't suppose any businesses are making last minute Christmas Eve flower deliveries???

Do you host a Christmas meal in your dining room?  Tell me about your table.
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  1. My family is coming over for Christmas. We aren't fancy people, so we just use paper plates and plastic cups and utensils. I also don't have a dining room. LOL!

    This made me think how my Mom got out regular dishes on Thanksgiving and I was like, "where's the Chinet? I can't eat Thanksgiving dinner without the Chinet."


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