A List Maker's Life: I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas at the top of my lungs!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas at the top of my lungs!

Our kids are beyond worked up with the Christmas spirit
...or the pre-Santa jitters
...or the pleasesomeonesaveme whininess.

It was so noisy in mi casa today.  I attended three jump-on-the-bed jam sessions and had to catch the rocking out on video to be sure Kevin didn't totally miss out.  I'll spare your ears by not posting the video.  I'm quite sure that every mom {or nanny} reading has already had their own share of noise today.

Oh, and they dance around all day with bells on the end of their elf hats. Of course.

Even our quiet time box wasn't very quiet.  Yet, it was fun to watch Gavin and Anne Hope work together to measure ribbon, organize them by size, and make trees.  When they finished their quiet box they worked together to dream up a design for a manger scene mural and to decide on the best materials for putting it together.  We'll have to glue some big rocks to our paper because the manger was really a giant stone you know.

Gabe discovered the stairs to Gavin and Anne's room today.  I happened to be up there the first time he proudly shouted Mom!  He was already up the first seven steps.  My first instinct was to freak and scramble behind him to prevent a fall, which probably would have caused a fall.  Thankfully I bit my tongue and reached out to help him up the last few stairs so he didn't lose concentration.  He was pretty pleased with his accomplishment and much of the afternoon was spent moving him away from the stairs.  With the other kids at this stage I may have been slightly irritated by the constant redirection, but seriously! this movement will be celebrated, not grumbled about. When not racing for the stairs, Gabe is climbing up the couch to lookit the pretty gils {a.k.a. mommy's special angels}.

Oh, and all the diapers were in the dryer just when he was in need of a change. Of course. The rest of the kids thought the monster truck undies were pretty hilarious.

Cue hysterical laughing
A perfect segue to another noisy song.
Of course.

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  1. the stairs! goodness! He is so amazing!

  2. I'm sure that was so awesome to see that he had mastered the stairs! He is doing so well!

    LOL at the undies. I hope the diapers were ready before any accidents occurred.

  3. Yeah for climbing the stairs! ROCK STAR!

  4. Loud kids..no way...you should see the kids at McDonald!..lol!


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