A List Maker's Life: Dressing my Guys for the Holidays

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dressing my Guys for the Holidays

 While picking out clothes for Anne Hope is delightful, it is a team venture.  The boys on the other hand pretty much give me complete control in the outfit building department.  With three boys in our home we have tubs and tubs of boys clothing labeled by size and season.   It is rare that Gabe gets something brand new to him, but I still do enjoy browsing online for the latest and greatest trends for handsome baby boys!
{Gabe, Christmas 2011}
{Gabe, Christmas Party 2011}
{Gibson, Christmas 2009}

I must admit I was a little disappointed that Gabe's waistline was a bit too Santa-like to wear this cute matchy, matchy outfit.
This casual striped tee from the Highland Holiday collection looks like it would be a cute shirt for our two littlest guys to share.
 {Gavin, Christmas 2009}

{Gibson, Christmas 2010}
{Gavin, Christmas 2010}

I guess Gavin and Gibson haven't grown much this year since both of them have already encored the shirts from the two previous pictures at our December '11 Christmas gatherings. Gavin's black sweater was a bit snug this year, I wish I would have seen the Kimono sweater below earlier in the season!

While I think it is great to see the guys all dressed up in their fancy clothes, my favorite of all their outfits are the snuggly, ready to cuddle by the tree, Christmas jammies!
  {Gabe, Christmas 2010}

{Gavin, Christmas 2009}

As tradition would have it, I am really looking forward to seeing the boys model their yet to be opened 2011 Christmas pjs tomorrow night!

What is your favorite shop for handsome, and somewhat unique, clothing for boys?

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  1. Cute pics! It is hard to find cute stuff for boys. My sister has a difficult time with buying for her boys. My favorite store is Naartjie for Abby, but their boy stuff isn't as cute.

  2. I LOVE Crazy 8. I find nice stuff that is fun for Jake and good quality and nice looking for me!

    Although I did realize that Jake is always wearing a dress shirt or polo in EVERY family photo!!


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