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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Quiet Boxes

The quiet boxes we put together for this week were a bit more like a learning center in a box than the typical free exploration I have been going for with the idea.  Still, they were a perfect diversion for the older two while the babes got their much needed naps this week!  I will admit that I looked forward to playing the quiet box activities with Gavin and Anne Hope just about as much as I looked forward to nap time.

{Christmas Trivia Cards & a Lite Brite Tree counting game}

To play the game, each child had a dish of  Lite Brite colored pegs (we counted out 30 each for each game).  On each turn they rolled the dice and put that many lights on their tree.  The first person to empty their bowl was the winner.

{Puzzles cut out of Christmas cards, puzzleball, and Catch the Gingerbread Man Game}

{action shot - Catch the Gingerbread Man}

We also played this game in reverse.  Each player started with 5 gingerbread men and the first player to find a place for each of their men on the grid was the winner.

The Puzzleball brought on an amazing show of cooperation - which was otherwise rare in our house this week.
{Christmas finger puppets, pattern block Christmas designs, sorting trees}

The matching tree activity is more age appropriate for Gibson.  We used the colorful trees to play a Christmas version of Spoons.  The large trees were the spoons and the little trees were the cards we passed and matched.

On Monday we went to the Critter Barn Live Nativity; no one had their rest time.  However, our Monday box was stuffed with filler activities that we have pulled out whenever a distraction is needed.  Today we made Gingerbread Glyphs and took turns reading and telling our own gingerbread stories.

Gavin is also working on a Christmas Tree Coordinate Graphing Page.

If there is any time tomorrow I have the Roll a Reindeer game printed and ready to try!

Christmas is one of those times when there are far more clever ideas I would love to try than there is time for actually doing them!

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