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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bringing the Quiet Back

There was an idea I quickly passed over one day on Pinterest thanking my lucky stars that I still had three afternoon nappers.  It wasn't more than 2 weeks later that Anne Hope started complaining she just isn't tired after lunch anymore. Her routine was always books or a writing journal on her bed for at least an hour.  After picture reading a stack of books and sound spelling a note or two she is Miss Antsy Pants for the rest of the hour, shouting down at least twice a minute for an update on the time.  Really, I wouldn't mind if she skipped the sleeping and sticks close to me for awhile, the thing is with two other nappers in our small space the QUIET part is necessary!

Then, THE* jodi michelle shared a post on how she put together quiet boxes for her son.  I was inspired.  More than just another plastic tub filled with a learning center that needs full momma assistance (which I am the self proclaimed queen of putting together and rarely getting out for the kids). Jodi filled her boxes with ordinary items meant to inspire imagination and creativity.

My only requirement in putting together quiet boxes for Anne Hope was that I could only use things we already had in the house (because me in the $ Tree on a mission =  way over spending on fun little thingy things the kids might enjoy).  I had to empty a few random tubs to find 5 matching sizes and lid colors. Typically, I love to create graphic labels but with my budget of $0 I ended up using stickers from our scrap box instead.

Here are the first 5 quiet boxes which will make their appearance next Monday after school. I also have a growing list (you aren't surprised by that, are you?) of ideas for materials to re-fill the boxes for the next week. Most of my materials are small toys that are always available to the kids, but aren't always played with.  Hopefully if I sort through the collections and made displays, much like a museum curator, they will find new value in old treasures.

I have certain ideas of how each of these materials might be used, but since the idea is for Anne Hope to think outside of the box (but, in a box...hmmm...) I am going to let her direct the quiet play and I'm going to let you dream up your ideas as well.  What would you do with the things in each box?  I'd love to hear what you think!
{mirror. dry erase markers. headbands. jewels}

{my pog collection from the 90s (seriously!). bottle caps}

 {colorful foam sponges cut into triangles, rectangles, and squares.}

{mini blank books. twistable crayons. pencils, shape stencils.}

{wooden blocks. finger puppets}

Hopefully this solves the quiet time issue and creates some special memories for Anne Hope.  If all goes smoothly I know just what project I will tackle during Monday's quiet time. Any guesses?

*insert: creative, expressive, honest, talented, entertaining, dreaming, scheming, organizing, baking, loving, learning, living, local friend!
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  1. you go girl.. I love my homemade laundry soap!

  2. Thank you so much for showing what you put INSIDE the busy boxes. I had seen this idea, and thought about it for Morgan until... I had no idea what to put inside. You are great inspiration, Ms. Katie!

    We just made laundry soap at MOPS a few weeks ago for our Creative Activity. After each taking a turn at our table grating just one bar of Fels Naptha, I'm considering running it through the food processor instead. Let us know how it turns out!

  3. Abby hasn't napped for over 4 years! Quiet time would be so awesome!

    I love the boxes you put together. I think they are fun and she will love them.

  4. Can I come play With the Monday and Friday quiet box!

  5. Pogs?!?! No way!! I saw these boxes on pinterest, too. They look like fun!

    Do you like your laundry soap recipe? There are so many out there, I don't know which to use! What's yours?

  6. I love you Katie. Your kind words are far too nice, always humbled.


  7. Hey Katie! This is a GREAT! J tells me he's nocturnal...this might just work at midnight...or 5am! :-) Now, where on earth did you find Borax? Talk soon, -Jen

  8. Your quiet boxes look like so much fun. Such a neat idea to use the mirror. My cherubs would enjoy using the sponges to construct a sponge city or house. Can the sponges be threaded?

    I recently wrote a blog post about some count and create cards I made. They will certainly be going into one of our quiet boxes as they are versatile and they have been such a hit.


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