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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Three years ago tonight we were sitting in Russ' trying to enjoy a dinner I didn't have to plan (or clean up).  A bit of a struggle as four and two were hopped up on sugar from the night before's Halloween haul. In an attempt to eat as quickly as possible and get everyone home to bed Kevin choked and had to excuse himself.  Cue a spilled chocolate milk. Yikes! I began to wonder if our little family would every be mentally prepared to handle add a third little love.  Hey, at least we still had 2 weeks to get it together. Ha!

We headed home and tucked everyone into bed in hope that sleep would soon come for momma as well. No luck with sleep. I  gave up on settling my mind and spent time instead recapping our Halloween.

I wrote, relaxed, and drifted to sleep on the couch without even a hint of the wonder to greet us in less than 9 hours.

As he falls to sleep each night I can't help but think of the unanticipated excitement he brought to my day and the adventures he will embark on during the next. There may not be as much time to write, relax, and sleep ;), but there is crazy joy (and always a hint of wonder).
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  1. Happy Birthday to Gibson! He is adorable!

  2. I am so glad you were born buddy! you always bring a smile!

  3. Happy third birthday to Gibson. My little boy is three too.

    The photo of your four babies all dressed up for Halloween is 'beauty full" - so joyous and it makes me smile.

  4. Happy birthday, Gibson. Has anyone ever told you how much you resemble your daddy when you smile?


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