A List Maker's Life: Got Cord Clutter?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Got Cord Clutter?

Thanks to the our  little one's drinking habit (which he has finally kicked now that he is one;), and that of a few of his little buddies, I had enough formula containers to get our cord clutter under control!  
It is delightful to know just where to find the pieces of our electronic gadgets when I need them.  They all fit perfectly in an otherwise awkward shelving space built into our stairs. In addition to loving the practicality of this simple solution for managing a mess, the sticker labels make me smile!

 What do you do to keep your cords under control?  

I recently saw another great suggestion from Andrea of  Simple Organized Living. She, by the way, is another West Michigan blogger and her mad organizing skills put mine to shame!

Any other clever ideas to share for cords or recycling formula containers?

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