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Monday, November 14, 2011

To Shake My Heart

Inspired by Love, last December we placed an empty jar on the shelf in our back room.

What could you give today with a joyful heart?

There was no schedule for giving, forced amount required on allowance day, or established goal. Just a thought provoking request.

With the example of generosity modeled for our family this year, it has become even more compelling for us to teach our children the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. As the months passed our jar began to fill with pennies, coffee quarters, and golden tooth fairy dollars.

This weekend's family fun night was likely our best ever.  We dumped the jar, sorted coins in piles, reviewed coin values, and made piles all across the table.The kids didn't know how the piles would be spent. Until we handed them a certificate with our grand total and took them shopping (online).

The sincerity, the questions, the thought put into each purchase, and the excitement as we each took turns choosing gifts for the children of Uganda was a gift to me.

 {I am just so happy my heart is shaking. ~Anne Hope}

About us, this is not
It's about Him
About holes and hope
About the changes possible with a joyful heart

Would you like to get involved? Hands of Hope has an online catalog. All orders placed before November 21st will be delivered to the children of Redeemer House in Uganda in time for the holidays. 
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  1. this is so, so beautiful. i just love anne hope's quote. LOVE this!

  2. "Beauty full" in every way.

    How sweet that tooth fairy dollars were placed in the jar!

    That has to be the most rewarding, satisfying shopping EVER.

    Anne Hope's quote is beyond precious.

    Your families joyful hearts will make a difference. Changing people's lives for the better is the ultimate gift to give .


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