A List Maker's Life: Pinterest Inspired

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pinterest Inspired

Warning:  If you would prefer not to fall in love with another social media site that will suck you in and take away from your dish washing and laundry folding click away quickly;)

Pinterest is my favorite online addiction!  
Here are a few of our most recently pinned projects. 

From my board titled Organizing Messes:
I had already been gathering the materials to make this wipe off frame planner when our moms' group decided to put them together to help us learn - and teach our children - some key verses.  I went a little crazy with all of my paper layering, but really enjoyed putting this project together.
In Searching for My Style:
This scarf was incredibly easy to do even with my very limited sewing skills. This was my first attempt.  The white elastic thread was much more obvious than I liked.  When I made scarf #2 today, in a deep teal color, I used elastic thread that matched the material.  I am much happier with the way it looks!
My best spent Pinterest invite went to my mom who is also hooked!  She has collected several neat holiday links and my kids are lucky enough to get in on the creating with her.  
During girls night with Gram Anne Hope put together her own adorable Hello Kitty pumpkin.  
When the boys were visiting they made Witch Hat Cookies, which would be pinned to my Delicious Edibles board.

Pinterest + List Lady = Longer To-Do List LOVE
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  1. I'm loving Pinterest too! That HK pumpkin is so cute!

  2. I may need a therapy group!! I am so addicted, and I have found so many great crafts, school ideas, home decor and sewing. Now to just find the time...


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