A List Maker's Life: Pick Six

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pick Six

This summer, in my hometown, Mayor George Heartwell introduced  My GR6.   It’s a clever campaign sponsored by Amway and the Grand Rapids Press promoted to encourage Grand Rapids fans near and far to write their own six word memoir.

It is crazy to think that I have been living in Holland for 15 years now.  I LOVE Holland, but I still say I am going home when I have anything to do in Grand Rapids.  And, it never fails that as I round the highway bend just before the Rivertown exit my heart skips a beat as "Big Daddy Blue" and the rest of the downtown GR skyline comes in to view.  The view represents many years worth of 4th of July fireworks, Celebrations on the Grand, Art Festivals, museum visits, zoo play, summer park programs, recitals at St. Cecilia, walking to school, playing t-ball, and so many other memories.

In thinking about my 6 words I began by trying to capture all of the adventures, the energy, the philanthropy, the hidden treasures, the yummy flavors, and the opportunities found in Grand Rapids, but weave it together with that feeling of home. 

I spent many hours in the car back and forth to therapy and doctor appointments in Grand Rapids with Mr. Gabe thinking about how to put these thoughts and emotions into the perfect 6 words.  When it hit me that my current experience with Grand Rapids is just as important as all the years I spent growing and learning there...

Health care specialists close to home

Never before have I recognized what a big deal it is that Grand Rapids is an ever growing hub for health care options, specialists, and research.  In the past year we have come to know many parents and children who travel hours, even days, to access the specialists that Gabe sees often.  We are so thankful to have the knowledge and care right here, at home, in Grand Rapids.

Are you from the West Michigan area?  Have you visited Grand Rapids?  What would your 6 be?  We'd love to hear from you!  My most enthusiastic Grand Rapids friend who is totally raising the next generation of GR awesome, is also hosting a MyGR6 twitter party tomorrow night from 8-9PM.  Join several of the West MI Bloggers, using the hashtag #MyGR6, to share your thoughts, your memories, and your 6 (and to win some fun prizes)!

To submit your own 6 visit MyGR6.com


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