A List Maker's Life: A Painting Rocks Alternative

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Painting Rocks Alternative

The very last summer fun to do on our list: Paint Rocks.

We have used craft paints to decorate rocks in the past.  All summer the kids have been dreaming up different things they would like to paint on rocks. Since we were going to be on vacation when we did it I didn't want to bring along (or leave) too much of a mess. We came up with a great painting rock alternative.

The kids carefully chose hundreds of special rocks from the"up north" beaches we visited.We rinsed them and let them dry. Then we lined up several rocks on a cookie sheet to put in the oven at 350 degrees until they were too hot to touch!  
As the rocks finished cooking it was my job to transfer them carefully to the work surface.  Then my artists began their job.  Using crayons they created beautiful rock designs.  Since the rocks were hot the wax from the crayons melted as they drew leaving a shiny crayon covering that looked like paint.
The drying time was quicker than paint. After the short time it took for the wax to harden on the rock masterpieces they were ready to be transferred out of the work station into their displays.
This activity worked so well for our kids that we actually enjoyed rock waxing during quiet time on many afternoons of our vacation.  With a whole beach worth of rocks to pick from we never ran out of inspiration!

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