A List Maker's Life: Owl Be Thinking About Them

Monday, September 5, 2011

Owl Be Thinking About Them

I just put together the table for tomorrow's owl themed back to school breakfast.

Long before the kids get up in the morning owl be making the breakfast they have requested.  (Truth is owl probably sleep like an owl tonight)

They will eat, anticipate, and put on their first day outfits. 
 Then owl take them outside for a round of pictures.
If they don't have a smile, owl give them one of mine.

As we line the kids up with their classmates owl be there with bells on,
 but as we walk back to the car owl be wearing my heart on my sleeve.
When I pick them up in the afternoon owl be anxious to hear all about their adventures. School starts tomorrow.  Owl survive. 
Owl survive.
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  1. Adorable! I hope they have a great day!

  2. And..owl be thinking of you all.
    Hooting for you!

  3. awww, such a sweet start to the first day of school!!

  4. Your owl theme is too cute, how on earth do you find time to do it all Katie?


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