A List Maker's Life: Glue. Wear. Chew: Bubblicious Pt. 1

Friday, September 2, 2011

Glue. Wear. Chew: Bubblicious Pt. 1

On our recent vacation the kids and I created a couple different bubblicious memories.
Using one of my favorite tools, a hot glue gun, we attached pieces of bubble gum end to end to make chains.  When they were long enough to slip easily over the kids heads, we glued the ends together into a loop to create a yummy accessory. Through the week, as they wore them they slipped pieces of gum out of their chains for a little bubble gum blowing entertainment.

{Note: We used Big Chew gum.  The necklaces were each 17-20 pieces long. This project requires a lot of mom power because of the glue gun.  The kids part of the process was counting out their pieces, cheering me on, and trying their chains on for size.}

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  1. So super cute Katie. I have a feeling that I will be making these with my crew soon.

  2. These are great! My daughter would LOVE this!!!


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