A List Maker's Life: Build. Blow: Bubblicious Pt. 2

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Build. Blow: Bubblicious Pt. 2

One of the last items on our summer fun list was Bubble Mania.  It was left hanging on the line mostly because I really had no idea how I was going to make this anymore exciting than buying each of the kids some scented bubbles as the dollar store.  Then, an idea struck!

Anne Hope has a great collection of Ellos (a lego type building set designed for girls).  We have actually brought our box of Ellos on all of our vacations this summer because it is a perfect time filler for rainy days.

On this very sunny day I encouraged the kids to build shapes to use as bubble blowers.  We started with cubes.  The kids were quite certain they would be able to blow square bubbles with these contraptions.  Surprise!

 Our bubbles were still spheres.  We worked together to create a triangle and oval, which also produced circle bubbles.

 This was a fun experiment for the kids and a perfect activity to satisfy Bubble Mania.
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  1. That is fun! I love Anne Hope's hair, the braid is so cute.


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