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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Veggie Pals

Our local farmer's market provides age appropriate activities for children on Wednesday mornings.  Last week's project was a hit with crew.  Using a box of awkwardly shaped garden treats, a pile of every type of art extra a kid could dream of, and all the creativity they could muster,  the kids were set free to create their very own veggie pals.   After just about an hour, we left the market with three extra characters.

Gavin made the "Crazy, Three -Eyed Monster Pepper" (which has since rotted in his steaming hot upstairs bedroom and left a fabulous smell...)

Anne Hope directed me as we built a pipe cleaner princess gown for her goldilocks potato.

Gibson flew his potato around everyone with or without the detachable red cape.
Gabe had a three legged carrot that I wish I would have snapped a picture of before he snapped off the legs with his sharp baby teeth.  One of the salvaged legs can still be seen sticking out of Gavin's pepper headed monster.

Don't you think this is a perfect open ended project to tie in with a visit to the farmer's market.  The teacher in me was even tempted to take it a bit further and use these goofy  potato and pepper pets as a springboard for some creative writing.
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  1. They look so proud of their wonderful creations. This is a perfect activity to do at a local farmers market open ended and so much fun!

  2. So cute! And yes to the creative writing. Think of the stories they could come up with for Crazy, Three Eyed Monster Pepper alone!

  3. i know of some kids who don't like to eat veggies. This activity would be good for them as a friendly way to introduce them to different kinds of vegetables, and make them eventually find these good stuff healthy, tasty and interesting.

    Loved the kids in those photos. They sure had fun!


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