A List Maker's Life: How Not To Impress Your Friends

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Not To Impress Your Friends

This month's West MI Bloggers meeting was the first I worked on coordinating.  In the past we have enjoyed some great local locations, with smart local speakers, and delicious local food. 

This month's location was no exception. The Reading Tree, a lovely children's bookstore on the northside of Grand Rapids, was the perfect place for an author meet and greet.

The speaker, Sommer Poquette: consultant, master campaign manager, busy mom, technically a WestMI (North) Blogger, and most recently a childrens book author captivated me with her wealth of knowledge and easy going conversation. 

The delicious local food?  A list lady fail.  If I ever question why I write lists instead of recipes the event's Lemonade Soup will serve as my reminder.

My goal was to find a refreshing, summer-y, easy to make, easy to serve dessert to share during our meeting.  This recipe sounded delish, so I gave it a try.

Frozen Lemonade Pie


  1. Oh what a bummer! At least you still had fun!

  2. I am up for lemonaide soup any day...it was yummy!

  3. It's only a FAIL if no one likes it...I would call this a learning experience! I'm glad I went and got to try it! Can't wait to make it myself!!


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