A List Maker's Life: Totally Summer To Do List

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Totally Summer To Do List

This summer I want to be intentional about making time to PLAY!

Inspired by Jodi Michelle's summer jar project, last night's family fun activity was to brainstorm summer entertainment.  Everyone contributed some of their own wishes and dreams for the lazy days of summer to our list. 

Inspired by Little Wonders' Day, who turned her family's "summer bucket list" into an adorable subway art-ish gift, we grew our list with a few more ideas.

Wanting to put together a list like display that was functional {but still cute} we decided on a spin off of the bulletin board put together by The Stories of A to Z.

The final product: totally list lady katie style.

As we complete each activity I hope to have the kids share a favorite moment or overall reaction that we can write inside the fold along with the date.  By the end of the summer we will have a memento of our attempt to make the most of Summer 2011.
Now we just have to count down the last 4.5 days until school is out and we can tackle our Totally Summer To-Dos.
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  1. LOVE IT!!! What an adorable way to create and remember those special family memories. I'm inspired now and extra ready to make the most of this summer too! Hope to see you soon to scrap together :)

  2. Cute Katie! Love it!

  3. It looks great! Can't wait to make my own!

    (By the way cute pic of the kids hanging on your wall ;)

  4. LOVE the hanging idea and the writing memories down! Might have to morph my jar into something we can see and be reminded of. Thanks for linking, friend!


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