A List Maker's Life: More Precious than Silver

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Precious than Silver

gold·en adj.
1. Of, relating to, made of, or containing gold.
2. Lustrous; radiant: the golden sun.
3. Of the greatest value or importance; precious.
4. Marked by peace, prosperity, and often creativeness: a golden era.
5. Very favorable or advantageous; excellent: a golden opportunity.
6. Having a promising future; seemingly assured of success: a golden generation.

It was late fall of 2003 and I was out shopping with my mom and Gram.  We were in and out of many clothing stores, gift shops, and antique malls.  They tried to convince me to buy this cute top or that adorable shelf decor.  My typical shopping mode is a lot of looking, a lot of debating, a lot of weighing the pros and cons of every purchase, and really a lot of leaving items behind. Our last stop was a local cottage store that refurbishes furniture to looks shabby chic.  Within seconds of walking in the store I quietly slipped to the check out to pay for a lovely white rocking chair. No second guessing or "I'll keep looking."  I suspect as I asked for help loading it into the truck my mom knew something was up!

Promising Future
On October 31st we validated mom's suspitions and shared the news about our family's next chapter, "From now until Memorial Day, prepare your hearts I'm on the way."  

Marked by Peace
May 22nd was Gavin's official due date and my first day of maternity leave.  I handed over my lesson plans and said goodbye to a sweet group of second graders.  I settled into the sunshine with a head full of dreams, a few good books, and swollen feet propped high on a pillow. And we waited.

Then 7 years ago today I earned my most important degree: Katie, MOM. 

Containing Gold:
He came in his own time (Hmmm....he still comes in his own time).  I may have earned the title on 06.07.04, but there are still many lessons for me to learn about being MOM, and he is one amazing teacher.  In a few short days he will be a second grader himself  (He can be assured of his success...he's already had a full year of second grade).

{his heart = 100% pure}

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  1. I didn't realize him and Abby's birthdays were so close together. Abby's due date was June 11th, but she was born May 22nd. LOL!

    Happy Birthday to Gavin!

  2. Happy Birthday Gavin!!!! I can still remember when you were born!!

  3. What a beautiful post. Happy 7th birthday Gavin. Wishing you everything wonderful for the upcoming year.


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