A List Maker's Life: Fresh From the Salon

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fresh From the Salon

Tonight after t-ball I treated myself to a hair cut in the salon.  Pretty sure my last hair cut was before Gabe was born, so uh...kinda been awhile.  No big change, but nice fresh ends = happy momma. Hopefully, the trim was enough to inspire something more than a ponytail when I wake up tomorrow.

Now, I'm feeling in the mood for a fresh look on A List Maker's Life too.  I'm getting out my scissors for a little html cut and paste, so if you check in and it is all goofy for awhile that is why.   Hopefully, an updated design will inspire something more than one random post a week.

We will see...
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  1. It looks great! I love the new tabs at the top!

  2. Are you still designing? I'm liking what it looks like...

    Will I get to see your fresh do on Friday?

  3. Awesome! Somehow new haircuts and blog makeovers always go together.

  4. Love new looks...or at least a freshing up of looks!! Looks like you guys have been busy...my kids would have LOVED to see tobymac! Keep up that summer fun!!


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