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Monday, June 27, 2011

Crazy Busy Having Fun

This weekend we were living it up and checking things off.

We started our weekend a few hours early when Kevin joined us to head off to Ionia for The Big Ticket Festival.  It was the perfect combination of mud & sunshine, musicians & songs.  The kids were really looked forward to seeing tobyMac, but we all enjoyed hearing Group 1 Crew (and many other groups) while we were waiting. 
Outdoor Concert: check.

We have been running low on our favorite peanut butter partner - homemade strawberry jam.  Thanks to Gram we had quarts of delicious fresh berries ready to mash, sugar, and gel.  Stirring our ingredients into jam was a fun project for Gavin and Anne Hope
Strawberry Jam: check.

Thanks to Celebration Cinema and the Family Hope Foundation our family enjoyed a special showing of the just released Cars Movie 2.  We loved the action, humor, and clever animation. After the movie the kids filled up on Cars Movie 2 themed juice boxes, fruit snacks, and macaroni. 
A Theatre Movie: check.

While celebrating a special someone's 30th! birthday we walked our favorite board walk to visit the Grand Haven lighthouse. Hopefully this is just the first of many summer beach walks.
Visit a Lighthouse: check.

One of our favorite neighbors also celebrated a milestone birthday and invited us to join the party.
Neighborhood Picnic: check.

This week the kids will craft, sing, play, listen, and visit with friends at Son Surf Beach Bash.
Vacation Bible School: check.

Totally Summer Fun: check. check. check...

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  1. Sounds like you are all having a fabulous summer.... and somehow you find time to blog about it too! I am in awe....

    Hope the fun and happiness keeps on keeping on for you all!


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