A List Maker's Life: Birthday Burgers

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Burgers

Nevermind this is so 3 weeks ago, we made burgers for Gavin's birthday treat.  I'm thinking they might be pretty cute for Father's Day too.  Oh, what's that?  Father's Day has also come and gone? 

Well, I have a perfect 4th of July picnic snack for you to make! 

We used Grasshopper cookies for burgers, vanilla wafers for buns, colored icing for condiments, and extreme sours for shredded lettuce.  (I saw a variation of this little yummy that used coconut flakes dyed green, but I couldn't quite imagine Gav's first grade friends enjoying coconut as much as sour Air Heads)
In assembly line fashion, Gavin and Anne Hope put these together.
Bun. Burger. Ketchup. Mustard. Lettuce. Bun.

This makes for a mouth full of mixed up flavors, but the kids enjoyed burger bites!

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  1. Ha! These are great! Bookmarking for future school treats, thanks.


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