A List Maker's Life: Tulip Town

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tulip Town

 The annual festival is over. 

The junk wagons, parade floats, and tour buses have left town. 
And the lucky locals are left with rows and rows of beautiful tulips to enjoy!
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On a somewhat related note, this coming weekend is Gleek Retreat.  I am thrilled to have won a ticket to this local blog conference and look forward to welcoming many national bloggers into our Tulip Town.


  1. I've never managed to get to the Tulip Festival, which is SO DUMB since I lived so NOT FAR from there for SO LONG. My mom and I keep saying that one of these days, we'll do it. In the mean time, enjoy the tulips for me!!

  2. Oh adorable! And have the best time this weekend. It was so great to see you even for just a short moment!!


  3. Oh my god great pictures, Tulips are my favourite flowers. I`m so sad because it is far from me this festival.

  4. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers - delightful.

    Such gorgeous photos.


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