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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Real Connections

Recently I received an email from a friend that I keep returning to.  She shared a devotional titled Craving Connection.  As moms, especially those of us who spend most of our days surrounded exclusively by little ones, we are all craving relationships, support, and conversation. I do believe it.  We look for it at the playground, at the library's storytime, and in the car pool line.  We look for it on facebook and twitter.

The devotional asks two important reflection questions:
1. How often do I check email or my Facebook page? Do I crave connection?
2. What are some steps I can take this week to develop a new friendship?

There is a danger in devoting all of our relational efforts in the 140 character connections offered by technology.  I fear it offers a false sense of connection.  I often struggle with this space as I realize how one sided this exchange can be.  There is an impression that by checking in with a blog or facebook page that one knows just what is going on in the hearts and lives of our friends.  Yes, social media is an amazing spring board for interaction, news sharing, and conversation but we are so much more than what we share there. I believe there is much more we desire in friendship? 

Don't get me wrong.  Facebook has been a wonderful vehicle for making a first step in getting to know someone new, connecting with groups for encouragement, and rekindling acquaintances from the past. But, it's important to take the next step.  To send a special message.  To invite.  To do life together.   Because real relationships require more than a "like" button.
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  1. Mid day connection talked about something very similar yesterday about women and are desire to connect primarily with other women. http://www.moodyradio.org/brd_ProgramDetail.aspx?id=67524

  2. I signed up to get those devotionals on a daily basis and I kept that one in my inbox for several days.....It's so true and so tricky to find time, especially with little ones....I guess that's one of the reason God made daddies:)

  3. I agree whole heartedly.... and yet it is so hard at times to find a way to make those connections happen.

    I have been feeling it in my personal life recently.... lonely and alone, although I know I am not, because I am tied to my home constantly with my child right now. He is in a downward spiral, and I as a single mom have to bear the brunt of it ALL... so we stay home a LOT because it is easier on all of us... but then I start feeling the disconnect... what a trick!

    Hoping you find the balance in your life :0)

  4. Amen sister, I second and would add that some much of what is happening is left out of our blogs and other social networks too. I think you know from our prior discussions how much I edit from KNS.


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