A List Maker's Life: Our Egg-citing Afternoon

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Egg-citing Afternoon

After a fun evening of blog hopping for inspiration last night, I was equipped this afternoon with a load of new Easter project ideas.  We could hardly wait for Mr. Gabe to lay down for his nap so the rest of us could get our messy on!  We bounced between three different projects until they were all finished. 

The “Smells So Good We Just Want to Dig In” Project: Jelly Bean Bark
projects - Page 005

The “I’ve Secured My Spot as Mom of the Year According to Mr. 6” Project: Easter Putty
projects - Page 002
The “Surprisingly More Interesting Than it Looks at First Glance” Project: Shaving Cream Painting
projects - Page 004
projects - Page 003
Since we were in the creating mood, we ended the day with a visit to our local pottery painting studio, Paint a Pot, where Gavin and Anne Hope each created a masterpiece.
projects - Page 001
(If you are local you may want to check out their facebook fan page which features a coupon for a FREE painting time.  A fun way to try something for the first time.)


  1. What a great day! I want to come over and play at your house :O) HA!

  2. I have always wanted to do the shaving cream painting!!

  3. Looks like so much fun!
    We are going to try the shaving cream painting soon.
    Have a great day!

  4. super fun :) and if you need someone to sit on the couch and hold the gabe while you craft with the bigs you know who to call ;)


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