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Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Royal Fashion

In less than 24 hours I am planning to haul my little people out of bed in "the middle of the night" to witness a royal wedding - live. Call me crazy, but I still remember watching Diana's wedding with my mom way back when. Gavin asked yesterday if there were really still princes and princesses. Timely question.

Tonight we have plans to make fancy headgear,which we will wear in the morning as we sip our orange juice tea. Thanks to an online name generator we have all been assigned royal monikers for the occassion as well. Check them out:

HM Queen Katie Lulu Leeberton of Hollandport
HM King Kevin Heston Andrewberton of Hollandport
Duke Gavin Crispin Andrewton of Hollandton
Princess Anne Arabella Hopeton of Hollandbury
Marquess Gibson Astrup Nickolasberton of Hollandshire
Sir Gabe Waddington Evancock of Hollandham

What about you? Are you planning to watch the wedding? If you take two seconds to find out your royal name we'd love to see it in the comments!

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  1. This is the first time since going TV-less that I wish I had a TV! I'm jealous! Oh, and I'm "HM Queen Julie Arabella Magarcock of Detroitbury" Which sounds just a little dirty. :-)

  2. I'm Marchioness Lauren Tildsley Millerberton of Muskegonford and I will definitely be DVRing it... no 4am for me!

  3. I'll have to see what time it's on. Abby would probably like to watch it! I remember Diana's wedding.

  4. so cute!!!!
    We watched it in rerun form, but it was so cool to see it thru my little girls eyes:OP hope u= had a grand time!

  5. Baroness Courtney Kay Calthorpe Blackwellton of Grand Rapidsport

  6. The wedding was on at 8pm here. I thought Savvy could stay up a little bit later to see Kate arrive and Prince William. Savvy had other ideas and she ended up seeing the whole ceremony and Catherine and William drive to the palace in their horse and carriage - she loved it.

    Some of our best seeling magazines are on sale tomorrow featuring the royal wedding so I will definately be buying copies for my cherubs to keep. I still have a amazine that mum bought for me in 1981, featuring Lady Diana and Prince Charles' wedding! I was showing it to Savvy and Blakie and I had a good chuckle at some of the advertising and the 80s fashion.


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