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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the Blink

Sometimes I look at this little guy and wonder when he grew up.  I've been here for just about every second of his adventure, yet I wonder how I missed it. 

The minute? The day? The month? when he went and got all big kid on me. 

His smile is sweet as ever, still full of baby teeth, but one of those shiny top guys sticks out at an adorable little angle.  It's just asking for a tug. 

Today I was able to help out at his school's book fair. I peeked over the tops of the book shelves during lunch time to watch where he sat and how he interacted with his friends.  He caught my eye once and winked.  "I see you mom.  I know you are watching out for me.  I'm okay.  This is what I do." 

Tonight after his bath he put on his footie jammies and snuggled next to me while we read a bed time story.  He may be the "big" G, but he is still my babe.
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  1. So cute! It's insane how fast they grow up!


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