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Monday, April 4, 2011

Between Our Fingers

Gavin no longer has to take a daily nap because he is usually at school during rest time.  Yet, when he is home on the weekends (and now for Spring Break) he does have a quiet time while the other kids are sleeping.  During that time he is able to read or write in his room. 

Lately, he has been enjoying Shel Silverstein and has been writing his own creative poems.  There is one I would enjoy sharing, but they are his so I’ll have to ask before I do so.  I love the way Gavin thinks, the enthusiasm with which he writes, the imaginary worlds he creates, and the words he uses to experiment. 

When I write I try to think in symbolism.  Sometimes I am cryptic.  Mostly I list it like it is.  Always I wish for the talent of creative writing.  Now I am hoping to learn with, and from, my little writer. 

Together we are working through the book Rip the Page: Adventures in Creative Writing.  It’s a joy to play with words and experiment with open ended prompts.  Yesterday’s assignment, “I write with…”

Our joint writing adventures begin with “the razor sharp edge of new red ice skates hopping down the short river” and “the only piece of fluffy white cloud in the blue summer sky.”

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