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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Dreaming

Some days you “gotta” dream, and today was one of those days in our cold and dreary city, so I took the lead of a friend and decided to join the Top 2 Tuesday link party.


In my online favorites file I keep a folder labeled Dream House.  It is full of links to home decorating projects, tips, and amazing model rooms.  These two rooms have had a special place in that folder for quite a while.


{photo credit}

In this room I love the windows, the storage, the flowers, the newer machines, and the color of the walls.  Most of all, I love the idea of having a mud room/entry way/laundry room where everyone’s mess can land before making it to the carpet or the kitchen!


{photo credit}

My dream home would feature a cottage, shabby chic, countryside mix.  I dream of this kitchen because it has amazing light, new appliances, dark wood flooring, a great big sink, open looking cabinets for displaying favorite dishes, and a touch of girly girl with the lace table cloth. The perfect mix of something old, something new for my taste.

Someday maybe.  For today the dream itself was just enough to give me a springier perspective. How about you? What rooms and styles pop up in your day dreams?


  1. We love the same style! That first picture is so relaxing to me. I want to live in that laundry room. LOL!

  2. I dream of a well organized laundry room too! I remember one of the dream houses on HGTV and my favorite room was where the laundry was done.

  3. You could totally do that laundry room mudroom. Kev and Kyle could get to work on it as soon as possible. In fact Kyle keeps telling me we need a new house (or buy a rental) just so he can do some remodeling. Help me help you!?!

  4. I love the colors and style of the laundry room you posted. I love blues/greens, clean lines...ahhhh...it's making me want to decorate. What a great idea to keep a file of what you like! I am always wanting to decorate my house, but am at a total loss where to start or what to do--I might just have to start keeping my own decorating file!


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