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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

With a Splash of Pink

February is the perfect time to celebrate all things pink, fluff, frills, and flowers which makes it an awesome month to have a little lady's birthday to celebrate. As I've probably written before, it is our tradition during each child's birthday month to decorate our living room shelves in their honor. I also try my best to put together a thematic birthday album for each year (0-5) highlighting their new words, special occassions, and milestones. The book makes its' debut when we put together the shelf. This year I built Anne Hope's book around the song "It's a Big World" by Renee and Jeremy and I printed it with (gasp!) Shutterfly.

Anne Hope was quick to remind me of her special month as soon as we flipped the February calendar. (Actually, I was so excited myself that I already had her pile of pictures picked out). While the kids napped I transformed the celebration shelves. Since I know she loves to go fancy! and go pink! I got real crazy with some tissue paper pom poms. Flashback to high school float building days!?!  I had fun foofing these babies and Princess Pip is so very pleased with her display.

Do you remember making these?  It would be a fun project for the kids to do with some white tissue paper to pass the time on a snow day (fingers crossed).

 Stack together many sheets of tissue paper and cut the edges into angles or scallops. 
Accordian fold the tissue paper (back and forth) to the end. Secure in the middle with a small piece of bendy wire or string. 
 Fan out the folds into a flower shape.  Fluff the tissue open and up one layer at a time.
 Keep fussing and fluffing until all of the layers are poofed out to perfection - or whatever...
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  1. I love that tradition Katie!
    How fun for the kiddos!

  2. Such a wonderful tradition, and I am totally making some of those poms, might be fun in Em's room!!

  3. that is perfection! Right when i saw them, I was thinking "boy I wish I knew how to make those" :O) Thanks


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