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Friday, February 18, 2011

Who's Who

As their parents we often enjoy looking for their individual uniqueness. Yet, even a quick trip to the grocery store garners comments on the kids' look-alike-ness.  Making our bunch undeniably related. 
Undeniably ours.

After this favorite Valentine photo of Gabe I was excited to look back at the other three cuties at similar ages for some compare/contrast of my own.
 Gabe {4 months}
 ? {5 months}
 ? {6 months}
? {18 months}

Any ideas who's who?  Who do you think Gabe most resembles?
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try to guess before you cheat tech savvy friends;)


  1. Gibson, Anne Hope and Gavin?

    I'm thinking he looks more like Gibson.

  2. Ah, that was an easy one my friend. I agree with Jenny on the guesses. I think Gabe looks like Gabe just like all of your other kids look like themselves. However, I agree with you it is obvious that they are all related.

  3. Scott and I think each of your little ones look distinctly different! But we see most similarities in the photos you posted between Gabe and Gibson (the smile), and then Anne Hope and Gavin (the eyes).

    Fun pictures!

  4. The order was already guessed, but I agree with the fact that they all look related, yet distinctly unique!

  5. I think he looks most like his little big brother! And the oldest two look quite alike too. I enjoyed talking to all of them the other day. Gibson was just a chatterbox...so cute!


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