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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine Garland

Thank you Blizzard of 2011 for the extra time with my kiddos.  I LOVE having them home for snow days - maybe I mostly love not having to get them all out in the morning on snow days, but anyway...

After we found out late Wednesday night that Thursday would also be a snowy day in, I began to brainstorm a Valentine-ish project we could do.  I specifically wanted it to include the sewing machine, as I've been wanting to teach them how to actually use the foot pedal correctly instead of just messing with it because of the fun noise it makes.  While searching ABC's Show & Tell and Katie's Crafty Soiree links I was drawn to several sweet heart garlands.  The inspiration lead me to our own version of a zig zag stitched mini heart garland.

First, we dug through my stash of scrapbooking punches to find several sizes of hearts. 
Next, the kids helped me sort through our scrap paper to find 5 or 6 coordinating pink and purple papers
Then, we punched a big pile of lovely hearts.
Here's where the sewing came in - as well as a little patterning practice.  They decided on a 1 big, 2 little heart pattern. We took turns running the machine and feeding the paper hearts into the chain.
When we ran out of hearts we tied off our heart chain and searched the house for a perfect place to hang it. 
Simple, fun, and full of love!
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  1. That's such a good idea- and it turned out so cute! What a fun afternoon for you all!

  2. adorable! I was wondering about the whole sewing paper thing! I like :)

  3. Oh I love that!! Simply adorable!!

  4. love it..and way to teach the kiddos about the sew machine!! Gibson is going to make a great husband for Korra!

  5. Oh, girl, you need to come here and give me some lessons on creativity! I just throw some glitter, glue, and markers on the table and call it a day! This is absolutely adorable!!

  6. So cute!! Thinking I might have to make one of my own!


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