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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Using the Leftovers

I have been working on an experiement using a video tutorial from the DIY Dish  (love them!) that I will share with you later.  Anyway, I've been building a little collection of shrunken wool sweaters parts.
Since one 4 year old only needs so many sets of  legwarmers, I've been on the hunt for something else to do with the cast off sleeves.
Someday Crafts suggested a very unique idea for making a sweater sleeve lamp. Rustic Crafts had a tutorial for creating a hot beverage sleeve made out of a wool sweater. These links had me thinking of what else could be unnecessarily covered with sweater sleeves.

So, I added some cozy to my Valentine decorations by covering our vases with my wool sweater leftovers before filling them with my favorite holiday hearts.
Now there is even some random purple
and yellow love on my kitchen table.
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Note:  While cruising through some great crafty blogs on Sunday night I discovered that I'm not the only one who has been inspired by sweater sleeves.  Mississippi Mud Pie put together a great display of her version of sleeve vases. 


  1. Oh I love those. So pretty and they look warm too!!

  2. cozy and "love"ly!

  3. So cute! I love the idea of covering vases! You're so clever :)

  4. friend you are brilliant!! now i know what to do with all those sweaters i have accidentally shrunk :)

    ps - and the shelf tradition?? you are one sweet mama - might just have to borrow that idea too :)

  5. You are very resourceful! Did you make the little hearts too? I wonder if you could use some of your sweater parts to make larger hearts and then sew them together to make a table runner?


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