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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seriously Snippets

Tonight we are kind of watching the Super Bowl.  In the past we have always spent this night with my family.  This year because of four small people who make it difficult to watch a late night game we opted to stay home.  It's totally not the same.  Anyway, I'm trying to play "the good wife" and act interested in the game by occassionally looking up at the replays and "funny" commercials.

Remember awhile back when I shared my scrappy to-dos.  This weekend was the big crop.  I wasn't able to be there for as much of it as I would have liked to be, but I still made good progress on my list.  Most of all I just enjoyed being around friends.  Some whose conversations I've been waiting months to catch up on.  Others whose words are always positive and encouraging.  Many whose ideas inspire me.  All seriously enjoyable.

I just finished going through yesterday's mail.  My acceptance letter to be readmitted to grad school was in the pile.  Seriously crazy? Perhaps.  This time of year typically has me itchy for change, but it's been more obnoxious than ever this year.  I know I'm not ready to head back to the classroom anytime super soon, but I sure do miss teaching, learning, and being current.  And so, my journey toward a MA+20 may pick up where I left off 2 babies ago.

Gibson took an amazingly long and late afternoon nap today.  Made it tricky at 7:30 bedtime tonight, so he is curled up in my lap.  Eyes finally closed.  Seriously adorable.  Love this boy.

This week is appointment week.  It's going to be seriously busy with a visit to the college's psychology classes with the babies, a head study, a 1-on-1 appointment at Gabe's school, an Early On visit, an orthosis fitting, a first official visit at the new children's hospital, a catch up with the neurosurgeon, a coffee date with my Spina Bifida momma support, and a photo shoot all before Thursday.  We'll focus on the end of the week schedule when it gets closer.

Bring it on Monday. The kids clothes are set out and backpacks are ready to go after the big 5 day weekend snow vacation. So, seriously, what's up on your end of the screen this Sunday night?
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  1. Wow, sounds like it will be a busy week! Good luck with all of the appointments!

  2. We watched the super bowl but that is seriously the only game we watch all year. I only watch for the commercials lol. Not kidding at all. Blaze busted the back of his head open while he was spinning around making himself dizzy so that is how we spent the evening, trying to calm him down and then me keeping him up to make sure all was well. It sure enough sounds like you are going to have your hands full for sure this week.

  3. Yikes, that sounds like a busy week! I'm kind of glad to get back to normal after a week of snow vacation. It was nice while it lasted though!

  4. let me know if you need any help or an extra set of hands. Also what days/times are the baby days u are taking the kids to Hope on! Those were so fun... maybe if i am between classes I can say hello!


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