A List Maker's Life: Scrappy To-Dos pt. 2

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scrappy To-Dos pt. 2

A couple weeks ago I shared my project wish list for a day away at the Wizard of all CrOpZ!  I had a fantastic time and did accomplish many of the things on my list.  Now, having spent the last week in the hospital with Mr. Gabe I have been able to wrap up just about everything on that list - with a few additions.  Since it is MUCH quieter than home (go figure!) Gabe has been able to take very good naps. There is also a shortage of great company in isolation and not a yummy snack or meal in sight (unlike the event in early February).  Without the welcome distractions, and armed with my laptop, I have made great progress! Here is my updated to do list along with samples of some of the projects.

~Plan and layout Gibson's 2-3 year old birthday book (traditional)  (The theme for his book is B2, B You)

~Make a gift card type note for Anne Hope's AmericanGirl birthday celebration (digital) (We are traveling to the store in Chicago for her birthday and many of our family members are helping us put together a coupon book with these little certificates guiding her toward items she may pick out.)
~Put together a 2 page spread of Christmas photos in our Christmas album (traditional)

~Create recipe cards to type up all of the loose ones in my drawer (digital) (I seriously typed every single one of the recipeson themeatic backgrounds for each season - after I threw away many that our waistlines are better off without)
~Finish the last 2 page spread in our 2010 family album (traditional)

~Brainstorm a theme for our 2011 album and finish the January pages (traditional?) (The theme for this album is "Moments of Wonder")

~Create a 2011 cover page for the family album (digital)

~Catch up on Gabe's baby book and monthly calendars (digital)

~Put together my birthday page in the K2 Birthday Book (traditional)

~Make 4x6 notecards featuring recent craft projects (digital)

~Christmas Eye Spy Ornament book - ( Really, I'm not very motivated on this as I would much rather think about Easter than Christmas!)

~I was also inspired to put together Gabe's book for next year, because I wanted to use a song we have been listening to together.  As pictures roll in during his 1-2 year I will add them as they fit to the premade film strips. I used a fantastic digital kit that I won in a giveaway from Kevin & Amanda.

~I also had a good time putting together a digital book of  the outside & inside rooms of our house using color blocks to look like paint swatches highlighting the key colors in each room.

Now I need to get out of this hospital and live life, so we have more pictures to use creatively!

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  1. The Chicago trip sounds like so much fun! I love the layouts you have done!

  2. I so wish I knew how to digital scrapbook! These all look great!

    I hope Gabe is out of the hospital soon!

  3. You've been so productive and created such lovely things for your family. I hope and will pray that Gabe recovers quickly.


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