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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love for a Lifetime

Valentines Day gets a bad wrap for being a "Hallmark holiday."
(Personally, I think that's a lame excuse people use when they forget to plan ahead for day)
Anyway.  Consumer driven or not?
What could be better than a day set aside to remind us to focus on what is really important in life - friendship & love!

So, today I celebrate love.

The "My Heart's Desire" Love
The Love that has given me new life, hope, and joy.  The Love that teaches us to be patient and to be kind.  The Love who commands us to love one another as we are first loved.

The "You've Carried Me All My Life" Love
Given unconditionally by my parents and grandparents who have given the example of what it means to love and still teach me to share it with others.

The "Til Death Do Us Part" Love
Tested through a year of struggle and "sickness," yet made stronger by getting through it together. The love that started perhaps long before I recognized it as such and has supported Kevin and I through 10 years of marriage.

The "Sticky Kisses & Sleepy Snuggles" Love a.k.a. The "I Feel Your Every Joy & Pain" Love
So innocent, inspiring, and insanely intense is the love for my four little ones.  I clearly remember Valentines Day '06 where I wondered how in the world, in a few short weeks, my heart would make room for baby #2, and now I realize it didn't make room it grew...and grew again!

The "Doing Life Together" Love
The many friends who invite our family in to their conversations, their homes, their daily routines, and their hearts.  Those who make working, raising kids, and just living so much more enjoyable.
The "Make Me Smile" Love
Thanks us to all those things I casually say I{heart}U to: chocolate covered strawberries, diet coke, a good book, a finished scrapbook page, and a comfy pair of pajama pants.

I'm not just lucky to be loved,
I'm lucky to have these to love.
Happy Valentine's Day!
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  1. Yes! In celebration of Love.

  2. Great post!! Your kiddos look adorable too!


  3. Happy day of Love Katie! Thanks for sharing your little loves with me :)

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Cute pic of the kids!


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