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Monday, February 7, 2011

Keeping Cozy

Winter is in full force in our part of the world - yours too I bet!  For several winters I've had my eye on the cozy looking, funky fun felted mittens found in handmade shops and craft fairs.  As part of a deliciously warm birthday gift my mom and dad gave me a pair of XOB felted mittens, similar to those below, with a matching scarf.  My colorful pair is shades of pink and purple. 
They are the perfect color boost for my new gray coat, which I also love!
{photo taken from Gap online}

Studying how XOB chose unique sweaters and pieced them together for the best mittens EVER, I was inspired to try a little mitten crafting of my own.  I found a great tutorial from the DIY Dish on turning wool sweaters into mittens.  I also had the perfect sweater to experiement with bought by a friend who thought I'd love to cut the intersting buttons off of it (which I did). With the right materials on hand, and the amazing borrowed sewing machine that works WAY better than my own, I set my mind to making a sweet pink set for Anne Hope.

To begin, trace a generous line around the mitten shaped hand of the person who will be wearing the mittens.  Pin the pattern to the shrunken sweater in your desired location. 
Carefully cut a front and back for each hand.  Don't forget to flip your pattern in the opposite direction as you switch hands;)
This step is optional, but I also cut a matchy piece of flannel to line the inside of the mittens.  I think most patterns actually call for fleece, but I had extra flannel here.  Sew the flannel to the inside of each of your 4 pieces.
Once the liner was attached on all 4 pieces I pinned the pieces together outsides in before carefully stitching along the edges.  After all the edges are secured cut in a bit on the curved edges, then turn the mittens inside out.
We embellished the cuffs a bit by stitching the extra button on.  Anne Hope and I were excited about our final project.  Now we will both enjoy the snow without freezing our fingers off!
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  1. They are sooooooo cute and cozy
    looking. LOVE, the buttons!

  2. How pretty, the buttons really make them.

  3. Oh I need to make Blaze some of those!!

  4. Ok, now I have to try this... my child is currently OBSESSED with mittens! And these are too adorable!

  5. beautiful! I so wish i could sew :O)

  6. Hi Katie! I gave you a blog award on my blog. Check it out!

  7. You know I'm going to have to try this and I'm going to get carried away and it will get out of control, right?? RIGHT??? :-)

  8. So Pretty! They look cozy too! Love that they are lined! Kerri


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