A List Maker's Life: Diva Day

Friday, February 4, 2011

Diva Day

Anne Hope was invited to a very special salon day celebration for her friend Kailyn's 5th birthday. Boy, would I have loved to be a fly on the wall to listen to the hair chair chit chat from these two Fancy Nancys.


Geesh, what would us mommas do for a salon date with one of our besties?  What lucky little ladies!
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Photo Credit:  Kelly of Doing Life Together


  1. Wow, what a birthday party! Maybe I'll do that for my birthday this year. They look adorable. : )

  2. It was super fun!!!! Glad she enjoyed it....and I agree...maybe sometime this spring us mommies should go for pedis:)

  3. she looks so cute! Kailyn is my niece's name too.
    Got the book today with your lovely card. We read one of the devotions after dinner. Thanks so much for blessing us!!!

  4. That is just so cute! My Abby would never sit for her hair to be done. I can barely paint her nails, LOL!

  5. Aww, that is so cute. I need a day like that too!

  6. Aww! Very sweet! Adorable gals! Kerri


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