A List Maker's Life: Date with Daddy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Date with Daddy

Our sweet little lady is just a week away from turning 5!  Even though we try our best to capture the moments, they are going by much too quickly for my taste.  Since she's been born Kevin and I have brainstormed ways to raise her to be confident, to feel worthy of respect, and to know she is special.  This week, even though it was very busy for him balancing the other kids while I've been gone, Kevin set aside time to kick off his monthly Dates with Dad. 
Anne Hope loved the attention and both of them enjoyed the change of pace and time for conversation.  Kevin's recap of the evening was sweet for me to hear, "I wasn't sure what we would talk about, or what kind of questions to ask her, but she just talked about whatever all night and it was fun to listen."
We are both lucky ladies to have a daddy who cares enough to take the time to take us out!
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