A List Maker's Life: Button Buddies

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Button Buddies

Since I've mentioned before my mini obsession with buttons, my friend Jenn let Anne Hope and I borrow her daughters' American Girl Button Crafts book.  We did a quick flip through and bookmarked several projects we were excited to eventually try together.
Anne Hope quickly determined what project we should start with as soon as she spotted a pink button pig.  We had so much fun putting "her" together that we decided to try a couple other critters too.
{our pink piglet}
{an owl perhaps?}
{a sweet teddy bear (if you ask me) or a silly monkey (if you ask Anne)}
We finished each of the little button buddies with a silver bail so they can be interchanged on a ball chain.
Quite sure she will exclusively wear the PINK pig anyway.
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  1. Oh my goodness those are so cute!!!

  2. Fun stuff! I don't doubt the pig will get the most wear!

  3. That looks like an awesome book, E is also obsessed with buttons. I'll have to look into that book, looks like it's a great way to use up my already huge collection.

  4. Those turned out so cute. I knew you two would have fun with that book! Do you think you could get Anne Hope to make a frog for me? Hee, hee!

  5. WAY too cute! What a great idea!


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