A List Maker's Life: February 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Indulgence

{all smiles}

{all good}

{all options}

{all pampered}

{all American}

{all girl}

{all excited}

{all for a lucky five year old}
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Treats

Anne Hope was very excited about celebrating her birthday at school this morning.  She and I have been on the hunt for a fun idea for a birthday treat.  In fact, for awhile she wasn't sure she wanted to bring an edible treat at all.  Instead we bought the supplies to pass out a ladybug bookmark project to each of her friends.  I know...we are becoming the teacher's worst enemy;)  Nothing like fifty million little foam stickers to peel with a room full of four and five year olds. 
Last minute Anne Hope changed her mind decided she wanted to make a snack after all.  Knowing how teachers *love* (ha!) cupcakes and crumbs, I wanted to make something outside the traditional birthday snack box.  So, yesterday we did a little blog searching and found this fun suggestion for Tea Cup Biscuits.  They were an instant, easy choice for our tea party loving Fancy Nancy.  Since some of the ingredients are not available at our local stores we improvised  a bit. 
Cherry Lemonade Lifesaves - cut in halves
Colorful Sprinkled Chocolate Disks  - found in the bulk food bins
Strawberry Marshmallows
Scalloped Sugar Cookies & Strawberry Frosting - so very pinkalicious!
I helped out by frosting the center of each saucers before hadning them over to the tea cup assembly line lady!  Anne Hope independently assembled all of the tea cups (which might look more like cocoa mugs since we didn't cut the marshmallows in half). 
We ended up with a pile of tasty tea cups that Anne Hope was more than happy to share.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scrappy To-Dos pt. 2

A couple weeks ago I shared my project wish list for a day away at the Wizard of all CrOpZ!  I had a fantastic time and did accomplish many of the things on my list.  Now, having spent the last week in the hospital with Mr. Gabe I have been able to wrap up just about everything on that list - with a few additions.  Since it is MUCH quieter than home (go figure!) Gabe has been able to take very good naps. There is also a shortage of great company in isolation and not a yummy snack or meal in sight (unlike the event in early February).  Without the welcome distractions, and armed with my laptop, I have made great progress! Here is my updated to do list along with samples of some of the projects.

~Plan and layout Gibson's 2-3 year old birthday book (traditional)  (The theme for his book is B2, B You)

~Make a gift card type note for Anne Hope's AmericanGirl birthday celebration (digital) (We are traveling to the store in Chicago for her birthday and many of our family members are helping us put together a coupon book with these little certificates guiding her toward items she may pick out.)
~Put together a 2 page spread of Christmas photos in our Christmas album (traditional)

~Create recipe cards to type up all of the loose ones in my drawer (digital) (I seriously typed every single one of the recipeson themeatic backgrounds for each season - after I threw away many that our waistlines are better off without)
~Finish the last 2 page spread in our 2010 family album (traditional)

~Brainstorm a theme for our 2011 album and finish the January pages (traditional?) (The theme for this album is "Moments of Wonder")

~Create a 2011 cover page for the family album (digital)

~Catch up on Gabe's baby book and monthly calendars (digital)

~Put together my birthday page in the K2 Birthday Book (traditional)

~Make 4x6 notecards featuring recent craft projects (digital)

~Christmas Eye Spy Ornament book - ( Really, I'm not very motivated on this as I would much rather think about Easter than Christmas!)

~I was also inspired to put together Gabe's book for next year, because I wanted to use a song we have been listening to together.  As pictures roll in during his 1-2 year I will add them as they fit to the premade film strips. I used a fantastic digital kit that I won in a giveaway from Kevin & Amanda.

~I also had a good time putting together a digital book of  the outside & inside rooms of our house using color blocks to look like paint swatches highlighting the key colors in each room.

Now I need to get out of this hospital and live life, so we have more pictures to use creatively!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Date with Daddy

Our sweet little lady is just a week away from turning 5!  Even though we try our best to capture the moments, they are going by much too quickly for my taste.  Since she's been born Kevin and I have brainstormed ways to raise her to be confident, to feel worthy of respect, and to know she is special.  This week, even though it was very busy for him balancing the other kids while I've been gone, Kevin set aside time to kick off his monthly Dates with Dad. 
Anne Hope loved the attention and both of them enjoyed the change of pace and time for conversation.  Kevin's recap of the evening was sweet for me to hear, "I wasn't sure what we would talk about, or what kind of questions to ask her, but she just talked about whatever all night and it was fun to listen."
We are both lucky ladies to have a daddy who cares enough to take the time to take us out!
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Who's Who

As their parents we often enjoy looking for their individual uniqueness. Yet, even a quick trip to the grocery store garners comments on the kids' look-alike-ness.  Making our bunch undeniably related. 
Undeniably ours.

After this favorite Valentine photo of Gabe I was excited to look back at the other three cuties at similar ages for some compare/contrast of my own.
 Gabe {4 months}
 ? {5 months}
 ? {6 months}
? {18 months}

Any ideas who's who?  Who do you think Gabe most resembles?
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try to guess before you cheat tech savvy friends;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

If I Had My Supplies

My forced quiet time this week has given me the chance to sort out my favorites folder in preparation for some future creating.  I’ve re-discovered many bookmarked projects I would love to be doing if I wasn’t sitting in the hospital with Gabe. Here are my top four:

For a friend:
How Does She explains how to make a seed bouquet perfect for planting.

For myself:
Katie's Nesting Spot shared a great storage solution for month by month memorabilia.

For a baby-to-be:
Little Birdie Secrets explains how to make special cupcake packages. Reminds me of all the fun in my "Baby Blooms" days and gives me another reason to keep buying adorable newborn clothes.

For my "baby" girl:
Choose To Thrive suggests making our own tights.  Anne Hope will think this project is pretty cool.

For our house:
Design Dazzle has posted the most clever, whimsical bookshelf that would make a fun addition to our little bunnies' garden mural wall.

Inspired? What kind of fun projects are in your favorites folders?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Button Buddies

Since I've mentioned before my mini obsession with buttons, my friend Jenn let Anne Hope and I borrow her daughters' American Girl Button Crafts book.  We did a quick flip through and bookmarked several projects we were excited to eventually try together.
Anne Hope quickly determined what project we should start with as soon as she spotted a pink button pig.  We had so much fun putting "her" together that we decided to try a couple other critters too.
{our pink piglet}
{an owl perhaps?}
{a sweet teddy bear (if you ask me) or a silly monkey (if you ask Anne)}
We finished each of the little button buddies with a silver bail so they can be interchanged on a ball chain.
Quite sure she will exclusively wear the PINK pig anyway.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

an extension of the listmaker's life

We are still so encouraged by the many friends and family memebers who continue to share their love with us as we learn about and love on little Gabe.  Since we are often asked for pictures and updates about Gabe's progress, that I rarely post here on A List Maker's Life, it seemed like a fun idea to start his own little page.  Instead of crafts, recipes, and organization tips Beautifully Made will simply be devoted to all things Gabe.  I will likely put more pictures, daily "mom notes," and general information about spina bifida & Gabe's therapy on this new site.  In the long run it may be more for my record keeping and memory capturing.  However, I would also like it to eventually become an encouraging resource for other families whose baby is diagnosed with spina bifida, just as several blogs were an inspiration to us.  So, this is what's new.  If you'd like to join our journey, check it out! 

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love for a Lifetime

Valentines Day gets a bad wrap for being a "Hallmark holiday."
(Personally, I think that's a lame excuse people use when they forget to plan ahead for day)
Anyway.  Consumer driven or not?
What could be better than a day set aside to remind us to focus on what is really important in life - friendship & love!

So, today I celebrate love.

The "My Heart's Desire" Love
The Love that has given me new life, hope, and joy.  The Love that teaches us to be patient and to be kind.  The Love who commands us to love one another as we are first loved.

The "You've Carried Me All My Life" Love
Given unconditionally by my parents and grandparents who have given the example of what it means to love and still teach me to share it with others.

The "Til Death Do Us Part" Love
Tested through a year of struggle and "sickness," yet made stronger by getting through it together. The love that started perhaps long before I recognized it as such and has supported Kevin and I through 10 years of marriage.

The "Sticky Kisses & Sleepy Snuggles" Love a.k.a. The "I Feel Your Every Joy & Pain" Love
So innocent, inspiring, and insanely intense is the love for my four little ones.  I clearly remember Valentines Day '06 where I wondered how in the world, in a few short weeks, my heart would make room for baby #2, and now I realize it didn't make room it grew...and grew again!

The "Doing Life Together" Love
The many friends who invite our family in to their conversations, their homes, their daily routines, and their hearts.  Those who make working, raising kids, and just living so much more enjoyable.
The "Make Me Smile" Love
Thanks us to all those things I casually say I{heart}U to: chocolate covered strawberries, diet coke, a good book, a finished scrapbook page, and a comfy pair of pajama pants.

I'm not just lucky to be loved,
I'm lucky to have these to love.
Happy Valentine's Day!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

XOXO Matchy Matchy

After seeing some adorable applique shirts for children, I was inspired to put together four theme-y shirts for our for little loves this Valentine's Day. There is no shortage of tutorials on simple sewing for this project to be found on the internet.  I used the instructions given by Couture Parties.  Basically, they just explain how to use Steam-a-Seam,  and actually the same instructions can be found on the package.  I did choose to go the step further by finishing our shirts with a zig zag stitch - which I think looks pretty cute!  I drew our designs (tie, guitar, and heart) free hand, but I'm guessing it would be just as easy to find templates for each of these designs somewhere else on the internet.  I'm thinking this is my favorite sewing project to date and I am looking forward to making more special shirts for future occassions.
{the finished projects}
{my sweet Valentine models}
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