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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Share the Warmth

With all this snow falling, we have to cozy things up around here!

As part of our family fun event last week, we participated in a local effort to collect winter weather gear for those in need in our community.  The kids jumped right in to help as we sorted through our boxes of off season wear as well as our coat closets.   After we put together our "gently used" donations we headed to the fabric store for some scraf fleece.  Each of the kids picked out a favorite pattern and brought it up to be cut.  We finished the evening cutting and tieing fringe to make scarves to donate as well.  Gavin was especially pleased with his handmade contributions to the project.  We had a blast and were excited to drop off our box to help the cause.

Interested in making a fleece scarf of your own? 
We purchased 1/4 of a yard of each pattern. At home we cleaned up the edges to make them equal and straight. Then folded the entire scarf in half. 
The kids cut fringe at every 1/2 inch mark and cut in about 3 inches. 
After cutting we unfolded the scarf and worked on one side at a time. 
Every two pieces of fringe were tied together into double knots (a great introduction to the beginning of a shoe tie for Anne Hope). 

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  1. The scarves are cute but love the kindness that you shared as a family! Kerri

  2. That is so cute and such a great thing to do as a family!

  3. What a fun/cute project, and how great for them to be involved in helping others!!

  4. Giving as a family is soooo good for the soul. With the recent floods and devastation here in Australia we have been helping others who have been directly affected and it has been so uplifting to be able to give back. We were not directly affected by the flood waters (and for that we are so thankful and know we are blessed). It is heart breaking to know that houses about twenty minutes away from us were completely flooded and those families have lost all of their possessions. Also, our news is reporting about loss of life daily becasue of these floods (tears and tingles as we watch the news). Giving is something that we - as well as 50 000 other people, (that's how many people actually registered to volunteer the morning after the floods)can do help others. The day after the flood the volunteers were dubbed the mud army - it was such a tremendous spirit among everyone getting in and helping others.


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