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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year, A New List

Welcome 2011!

Katie's Predictions
~Anne Hope will conquer two-wheel bicycling
~She will also be talked into trying soccer and will love it
~Two of our boys will kick their bad habits
~No shunt for Gabe in 2011 - we are hopeful!
~Gabe will stand unassisted by next Christmas
~Sarah Palin: All hype with no follow through on a bid for the White House
~Cars Movie 2 will be the talk of the summer for Mr. Gavin
~Our front yard will eventually see a For Sale sign of it's own
~Patience will be tested.
~Insanity will be too insane and will collect dust on the shelf
~Hours will be wasted on You Tube and Facebook that would better be spent on Twitter...just sayin'

Kevin's Predictions
~Under the direction of a new coach, Hope's basketball team will finish barely above 500.
~Gas prices will hit 4.50
~Republicans will put forth an African American candidate for president
~Lions make the playoffs
~Tigers make the playoffs

Please play along by adding your predictions in the comments. Predictions may be personal, political, silly, sarcastic, economic, or entertaining. If you have your own blog feel free to make your predictions there and link back to this post, just for the fun of it:)

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  1. 1. I will graduate!
    2. Boyfriend???
    3. new beginnings for many in my life
    4. the world will be shaken by a big event
    5. Doula training will officially begin!

  2. I look forward to seeing your predictions each year. Here are some of mine:

    1. My desire to stop drinking Diet Coke will be overtaken by my current addiction.

    2. Tim and I will make plans for a carribean getaway - no kids included.

    3. I will not win HGTV's Dream Home giveaway...again!

    4. West Ottawa will hire a local person to serve as the new superintendent.

    5. Michigan's unemployment rate will decrease to below 7%.

  3. I predict that when I meet Gabe, I will have to spank him and put him in time out for being SO CUTE.

  4. I agree that I don't think Sarah Palin will run. I also agree about the Republicans putting forth a black candidate. Herman Cain comes to mind. From what I've read about him so far, I really like his views!

    I don't really have any predictions.

  5. Head on over to http://bloemersfamily.blogspot.com/2011/01/predictions.html
    and see my predictions for the new year!!


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