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Friday, January 28, 2011

Meaningful Gifts

In the last week I celebrated my birthday.  I was so blessed by many thoughtful gifts. One of my favorite-est was the gift of t.i.m.e., given to me by Kevin. (If we are "facebook friends" you also know that he honored me with words of affirmation all day too;).  Anyway, time! Time to do whatever I wanted.  To tackle the FOR FUN! list in my planner. Time to try some of the projects ideas I've been collecting.  It was wonderful.

While I was playing and thinking & thining and playing, I was reminded of the many other special gifts we have been given recently.  That  is quite a list as well!  Here are a few mementos with significant meaning.  If you've been reading A List Maker's Life for long you will likely know just the story that goes with each of them.
{Gabe's birth day ring}

Now that I have this lovely sized to perfection it will stack on my finger along with the reminders of 3 other very special birth days!
{No Matter What necklace}

This unique design was thoughtfully created for me.  The artist shop is called Made to Glorify. Each piece of jewelry is hand stamped to tell a true story from someone's life.
{a beautifully made onesie}

Can you believe this?  One of our dear friends carefully copied a design significant to us and had it printed on an outfit for our babe.  Gabe was a bit wiggly for this photo shoot, but still beautiful in this momma's eyes!

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet friend, sounds like a beautiful day!

  2. Sounds like you had a great birthday! Those are awesome gifts!


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